Infraserv Logistics GmbH is an Infraserv Höchst Group company. We are an end-to-end provider of logistics services for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Our specialties include storing dangerous goods and handling drugs and active ingredients in conformity with GDP and GSP guidelines. Our extensive experience, capabilities and know-how ensure our customers enjoy top-of-the-line full service worldwide.

Management Infraserv Logistics

Dr. Andreas Brockmeyer
Industriepark Griesheim
Stroofstraße 27
65933 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 305-42100
Fax: +49 69 305-42022
andreas.brockmeyer (at)

Dr. Klaus Alberti
Industriepark Griesheim
Stroofstraße 27
65933 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 305-44255
Fax: +49 69 305-9884255
klaus.alberti (at)

Infraserv Logistics in Industriepark Höchst

Industriepark Höchst provides access to rail, road and inland waterways via its own port – the perfect connection to customers all over the world.

Industriepark Höchst and its logistics facilities

Infraserv Logistics is the region's leader in warehouse logistics, with 300,000 m² of storage space, 180,000 pallet positions and 279 TEUs of container storage.

Headquarters Frankfurt-Höchst

Infraserv Logistics offers the full range of services at the Frankfurt-Höchst site. The company stores, handles and loads cargo. It also provides administrative services such as order processing, planning, invoice verification, customs handling, consulting and training. This site bundles all the services required of a contract logistics provider in the chemicals industry.
In September 2015, management and administration has moved to Industriepark Griesheim site.

Infraserv Logistics in video: