Infraserv Logistics is the right place for your talent if you enjoy supporting customers reliably and capably with our full range of logistics services.

We offer modular transportation, warehousing, customs, training and consulting services not just in pharmaceutical and chemical logistics but in other process industries as well.

General information about applying

Yes, you can send us an unsolicited job application online at any time. Please remember to include all your application documents and state your desired position, occupation, department and qualifications/degree as precisely as possible.

Yes. Each job posting has its own identification number that is automatically assigned to the application.

Your application documents are reviewed by an HR partner and the department, who will check your qualifications against the requirements for the vacant position. This may take some time. so please be patient.

Our company processes and stores personal data that you provide in your online application solely for the purpose of carrying out the application process. Your data will be treated confidentially. Your application documents will be stored for no longer than twelve months after their receipt or, with your consent, for no longer than 36 months. We will not share this data with third parties.

Yes, at any time on our applicant portal.

No, that's not possible because we don't temporarily store the data. You have to submit the entire data package to us at once.

No, you cannot change your data retroactively. You will have to withdraw your application and then re-apply with different data.

Our contacts

Alexander Völpel

Human Resources, HR Partner
+49 69 305-17630
+49 69 305-9817630
Alexander Völpel

Markus Engel

Human Resources, HR Partner
+49 69 305-18179
+49 69 305-9818179
Markus Engel

Our contacts

Advertised positions

Please reach out to the contacts listed in the job advertisements if you have any questions about an advertised position.

Heike Kraus

Human Resources, HR Services

+49 69 305-17940
+49 69 305-5193

Questions about:
  • Student assignments – student workers, interns, thesis projects
  • Higher vocational school interns
  • Vocational training at Infraserv

Visit the information page and application portal operated by our subsidiary Provadis for more information on our vocational training programs.