We provide customers with no-hassle packages for tanker vessels carrying bulk chemicals as well as container ships transporting FCLs, tank containers or bulk cargo barges. Our services cover both inbound and outbound vessels. We offer customized execution based on your preferences and requirements.

Our services include:

  • Barge coordination
  • Managing tank space bookings on barges
  • Booking space with customer’s supplier
  • Booking the barge with the shipping company
  • Nomination
  • Coordinating the dock schedule
  • Appointing marine surveyors
  • Tonnage admeasurement
  • Loading or unloading cargo
  • Coordinating with the shipping company and surveyors
  • Special transports (container barges, boiler vessels, turbines, etc.)


Our main service territory includes the Rhine-Main Region and the ARA area (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp). However, we will also gladly coordinate other routes by prior arrangement.

With its ports, Industriepark Höchst provides excellent transport links for your supply chain and thus everything you need to optimize your overall logistics costs.


  • Access to inland waterways
  • Access to rail system
  • Access to roadways
  • Proximity to Frankfurt Airport (approx. 7 km)

In addition, shifting road transports to inland vessels drives sustainability by emitting fewer metric tons of CO2 per kilometer traveled.