Why Infraserv Logistics – What our employees say

There are plenty of good reasons to pursue a career at Infraserv Logistics. Our employees can tell you some of them.

What our employees say

“I started my cooperative education program at the Provadis School, and thus my job at Infraserv Logistics, in 2020. Even as an applicant, I found Infraserv Logistics to be a well-run organization full of friendly people. My interest and strengths are considered when I am assigned tasks. I love that my supervisors have shown this level of trust in me!”

“I started working here when Infraserv Logistics was established, so I’ve been here from the beginning. That’s why I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to support my co-workers with my knowledge and experience.”

“I started out as a forklift operator in filling, fitting and packaging in 2014. Two years later, I was made an assistant supervisor and then three years later a senior supervisor. No two workdays are the same, so it never gets boring. This variety is what I truly value at Infraserv Logistics - it gives everyone who has ambition and interest an opportunity for growth.”

“I started my cooperative education program at the Provadis School in 2020 and have been with Infraserv Logistics ever since. It’s quite easy to balance work and school here. The day-to-day work is also a lot of fun due to the sheer variety of tasks and the open, friendly way in which everyone on the team communicates. Right now, I’m working on a campaign for one of our biggest clients and can apply a lot of what I’ve learned about supply chain management.”

“I have been working for Infraserv Logistics since 2016. I started as a student worker in the customer service department and then completed my internship and bachelor’s thesis at Infraserv Logistics. And that is what I really appreciate here: The opportunity to get to know a wide variety of fields and thus people, to constantly grow as you explore new challenges.”

Wanted: Locomotive driver in shunting service (EOE)

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