We serve our customers’ national and international air transportation needs. To do this, we work with experienced forwarding agents who handle cargo deliveries all over the world. We will ensure your air cargo arrives at its destination regardless of whether you have known consignor status. Our service portfolio covers all types of goods and products, particularly chemicals and pharmaceuticals, even those that are dangerous goods.

Regulated agents are responsible for performing security inspections to classify cargo as “safe” or “not safe”. We have been granted regulated agent status by the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) at all our locations.

The duties and safety inspections mainly involve assessing the supply chain:

  • Accepting, storing and loading goods within the secure supply chain with known consignors
  • Establishing a third-party logistics process in accordance with the German Federal Aviation Office’s requirements

We maintain rigorous safety and security with the Industriepark Höchst access control system and Infraserv Logistics’s meticulous safety precautions.