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Frankfurt am Main

Infraserv Logistics provides a broad array of services for the chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries at 460-hectare Industriepark Höchst in Frankfurt am Main.

Safely storing hazardous substances is one of its core competencies. Infraserv Logistics stores, refills, packages, loads and, as a regulated agent for air freight, inspects raw materials, intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished products before ultimately shipping them for the customer. Its trimodal capabilities include an industrial rail service, a tank farm with a jetty for shipping liquids on the Main/Rhine rivers and a port with a container terminal.

It also provides many administrative services . including customs clearance, order processing, letters of credit, dispatching and invoice verification.

Infraserv Logistics can also serve as customers’ dangerous goods safety advisor. Its service portfolio includes a comprehensive range of virtual and classroom training programs and consulting services .

The logistics service provider’s administration moved to nearby Frankfurt-Griesheim Industrial Park in September 2015.

Infraserv Logistics is the region's leader in warehouse logistics, with 300,000 m² of storage space, approx. 120,000 pallet positions and 279 TEUs of container storage.

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Gersthofen Industrial Park

Hoechst AG’s former chemical plant has evolved into a state-of-the-art research, production and service hub in its 100-year-plus history. It currently contains 10 companies with around 1,200 employees. The site covers around 35 hectares of land.

Infraserv Logistics operates storage facilities holding approx. 19,000 pallet positions, including 1,800 for dangerous goods, on approx. 25,000 square meters of total area at the Gersthofen Industrial Park.

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