Infraserv Logistics GmbH

Infraserv Logistics provides safe and intelligent logistics solutions for hazardous materials and dangerous goods as well as comprehensive services and storage facilities for chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare logistics.

  • Our core business at Industriepark Höchst and other sites is the storage of packaged and bulk goods, especially those containing hazardous substances and/or active pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as trimodal cargo handling and transportation.
  • We are provide services in distribution and dangerous goods management, customs management, pre-picking and sampling of goods as well as training and consulting on GMP and dangerous goods.
  • We are an Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG subsidiary and a full-service provider of logistics solutions in and around Industriepark Höchst . We have had around 450 employees since 2000.

Our service portfolio covers your entire supply chain – from import coordination to product-specific warehousing and order fulfillment to customized distribution solutions.

Our core business is to safely store and carefully handle and transport goods, particularly dangerous goods as well as drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients in accordance with GMP guidelines. Our highly skilled employees provide dispatching, dangerous goods management , customs support and cargo space booking for all kinds of shipments. Infraserv Logistics’s service portfolio is broad enough to hold the ideal solution for you.

We also provide training , education and consulting services for logistics processes.

With our warehousing services, you will only have to focus on one thing: your customers.

Our location at Industriepark Höchst

Industriepark Höchst provides access to rail , road , air (FRA) and inland waterways via its own port – the perfect connection to customers all over the world.

Infraserv Logistics is the region's leader in warehouse logistics, with 300,000 m² of storage space, 180,000 pallet positions and 279 TEUs of container storage.

We provide our full range of services at our Frankfurt-Höchst location. We store, handle and load products. We also provide many administrative services. such as order processing, dispatching, invoice verification, customs support, consulting and training.

Klaus Alberti (left) and Andreas Brockmeyer (right)

Senior management

Andreas Brockmeyer

Frankfurt Westside
Stroofstraße 27
D-65933 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 305-42100
Fax: +49 69 305-42022
[email protected]

Klaus Alberti

Frankfurt Westside
Stroofstraße 27
D-65933 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 305-44255
Fax: +49 69 305-9884255
[email protected]


  • 2021: A new hazardous substance warehouse is built at Industriepark Höchst for commissioning in 2022
  • 2015: Administration relocates to the Frankfurt-Griesheim Industrial Park
  • 2013: ILL renamed Infraserv Logistics Service GmbH
  • 2011: F.I.T. renamed Contargo Industriepark Frankfurt Höchst GmbH
  • 2008: Fully automated high-bay warehouse for hazardous substances is commissioned
  • 2006: Second ILL facility opens in Reutlingen
  • 2003: Infraserv Logistics Leipzig GmbH (ILL) is established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Infraserv Logistics GmbH
  • 2002: Frankfurt Intermodal Terminal (F.I.T.) is set up. Infraserv Logistics GmbH holds a 50% interest in the company
  • 2000: Infraserv Logistics GmbH is established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG
  • 1998: Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG is spun off from Hoechst AG. Limited partners: Celanese, Clariant, Sanofi, Lyondell Basell, LII
  • 1997: Hoechst AG is reorganized
  • 1951: Start of plastics production (Hostalen) in Frankfurt am Main
  • 1892: Start of active pharmaceutical ingredient production in Frankfurt am Main
  • 1863: Plant for producing fuchsine (dyes) in Frankfurt am Main


Industriepark Höchst’s success story began 150 years ago with a modest factory for coal tar dyes, a cutting-edge innovation at the time. Founded in Höchst in 1863, "Theerfarbenfabrik Meister Lucius & Co." – which translates as Tar Dye Factory Meister Lucius & Co. – was a pioneering start-up.

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Sven Frerick

Vice President Marketing & Sales

+49 69 305-44010
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